Cadets Today – Masters of Successful Business

We thought it would be fun to highlight a few Selden Cadets and what they have achieved in the years since they where active in the corps.

Many knew Frank Buscemi as a Lead Soprano, assistant director, assistant instructor, brass instructor but did you know that after the Corps Frank went on to be a successful business man and a mentor to many men entering business.

Frank was a long time car sales man at Meyer Chevrolet and a very successful one at that before he retired in the 2010. We caught up with Frank and asked him to share some of his knowledge about what made him such a great salesman. Here are the tips that he was graciously shared with us during a meeting we had over coffee.

Frank’s first tip, “Every sale I ever made started with a friendly Hello and ‘Good Afternoon, my name is Frank’. I lived on the lot” said Frank. “I always made sure that I was the first thing they saw when they stepped out of the car. If the customer thought I was lazy or uninterested in helping them they were going to go and talk to one of the other salesmen; or worse down the road”.

Frank’s second tip, “Everybody who came onto the lot was there for a reason, the second part of making a sale was always knowing why your customer is there. Even if I thought I knew why they were there I always started by asking ‘what brought you into the dealership today’. Although, if a family rolled into the lot with a load of kids I knew I just needed to find a station wagon with enough room to pack all the little ones into. We had a lot of business men come on the lot in their suits and ties, for them it was typically a Lincoln or a Cadillac.  But getting to know your customer is always important”

Frank’s third tip, “The car sales business really changed towards the end of my career. When I started we got most of customers from folks that were driving by, from advertising in the newspaper and radio or even from people talking after church. The last few years of my career so many of our sales were driven by the Internet. As a dealership we really had to change our game. After struggling with that process we turned to a professional search engine optimization company, Big League Search, to help us get our cars in front of customers. They have been a difference maker for us in terms of getting customers into our door. If you’re in the car sales game now a days you can’t sleep on the Internet.”

After we finished our coffee and breakfast Frank just talked about the good times he enjoyed with the Selden Cadets when he was young, driving back and forth in Bob Allan’s old Buick and the caring directors like George and Flo Caliguri.

Thanks for sharing your time, talents, stories and tips with us Frank!