Calling All Selden Cadets Alumni

The Selden Cadets Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps began as a junior drum & bugle corps that attained great popularity back in the 50’s & 60’s. They performed throughout the Northeast and Mid Atlantic and won a great many championships.

The corps disbanded in 1965 but left an indelible impression on all those who had the pleasure of seeing them perform.

After a successful reunion, eight years ago, the corps was revived after a fifty year absence from the drum corps activity resulting in the present alumni corps.

The corps is once again, touring the Northeast and Mid Atlantic states and has also done many drum corps shows and exhibitions in these regions. The corps performs a repertoire that showcases its diversity with a selection that includes drum corps, jazz, classical, pops, rock & roll and Broadway.

The guys and gals who make up the 2012 Alumni Corps have marched in some of the greatest drum corps in the activity and are looking forward to playing some really great tunes for you today!